PenRunner Initiates

      Websites and their information come with a lot of novel ways to lead life, and we are no more falling behind in lack of data, so every day we see magic around us showing up from the fulfilment of our lives that were never this colorful. We approach to attain our true global citizens among us equipped with the state of the art Culture perfected in centuries provided on a platter by Technology.

      No theory really works these days. Somewhere in between a barrage of entertainment hijacked our mind. Everything transforms into Circus trying to keep up with our decreasing level of sensitivity. As stand-up comedians we all strive to be, Fun we find everywhere. Talking has become more work than work itself, and sensibility has long picked up escape velocity into outer space.

      So where Penrunner comes amongst these freak show? It’s an endeavor to see things from a literary point of view. Penrunner renounces Fun Culture impelling  readers to practice conscious thought reverting back into their individual Geist.

      Stay tuned, and Thank You for the visit.