Wonder Woman ’84: Fresh Start of ’21

        Charm, Glamor, and Excellence- Wonder Woman breaks out of the Comic Book pages once again, as the fans await to be mesmerized with Diana’s manifold virtues. The Amazon’s Exclusivity comes from a place of scarcity of her nature in the feminine world making herself an icon of which many may not wish to be a part of, but the other half will definitely appreciate.

        A strong and independent woman of looks and brains living in solitude under a low profile can be the worst nightmare of the women themselves. I mean, where’s all the Attention? Diana says she does not socialize much. Then it becomes difficult to see the purpose of all that cool and smart if there ain’t some viewers. Barbara wanted to be like Diana, but later she found out she had rather not. And the oneity with the deceased pilot? Eww. That is really so 1984.

        ‘Wonder Woman’ movie plotlines are so Wonder Womanlike. No mindless violence, and the battles are more ethical than mortal. It should have been, because Diana herself is an agent of the virtue Truth (as she wields the Lasso of Truth). None dies in the movie; even the villain gets beaten by arguments only, showing how common they are- just the typical people guilty of crazy wishes trying to get the best for themselves.

        Surprisingly Diana is cherished than envied by men. In fact the men are looking up to Diana with awe. Steve follows Diana’s lead in her investigations. Maxwell though being the bad guy, recognizes Diana great if not equal. All the lads in the City approach Diana with respect. Its only Barbara who got spiteful, and she had to fight Diana to the end. So men don’t have any issue to accept Diana as cool, but women do, for Diana is a direct peer (like her childhood rivals). All that feminine power thus becomes only counterproductive for Wonder Woman, for she was supposed to fight Patriarchy. Instead she is fighting her envious female fellow.

        Barbara’s initial cringe display might get on the nerves. One sure thing the film- makers will always overdo is the awkwardness of Socially Awkward People (also known as the introverted people). And the age old urban myths have always been there to justify the misbeliefs. Like how much the introverted wanted to be popular, then by some magical touch of a lively friend s/he turns into a star attaining the gift of gab. Though this cannot be further from truth, for the seemingly socially awkward have their own way of elegance. Especially women. Displaying socially awkward women always fails because there’s no such thing in real life. She may not be the party girl, but Women are always popular (Have you ever seen otherwise?). However, teenagers do have that kind of insecurity though, but Barbara is no teenager.

        The desperation for love in Barbara does not match reality too. Barbara says she had been in love for many times indicates all failed. And her attitude towards Max Lord! Such a mindless surrender looks surreal. And again, the filmmakers overdo the socially awkward. Take a closer look at Ms. Wiig. People throw themselves under train for even half of what she is!

        And how the empowered Barbara beats up the old chap? If only the “victim suddenly gets superpower and takes on the bad guys” scenario has not become cliché, viewers could savor some guilty pleasure guised under the skin of justice that benefits none. Screenwriters might move on to some practical solutions for pestering chaps like to avoid, to escape, and to involve others in the matter. Hard to say if people still feel okay at these pulpy fantasies.

        So people are tricky, and the fiddlier is what people wish. Starting from free Coffee to Nuclear Bombs; empty traffic to dead spouse – there’s no stopping of madness. Surely Cheetah crowns them all with her Apex Predator thing. More cringe by the way.

        Though Maxwell already has his mega sized properties, with a deep sense of inadequacy mixed with greed, Maxwell kind of takes his revenge against the whole World for his dysfunctional childhood. Direct hits always backfire leaving the victim stronger and iron willed. Contrarily the instant fulfilment of wishes leaves the victim paralyzed in both mind and physique. When all the people around the globe began wishing, turned out they themselves are not less vindictive than Maxwell, who then looked like a saint compared to the supposedly innocent Citizens of the World.

        The wishes people make are streamlined, sleek and clear cut in language. Barbara with definite and plain words states that she wants to be just like Diana, and Barbara was speaking English of course, for she wants to be popular, outgoing, beautiful, attractive, cool, outspoken, knowledgeable, and physically strong. That is what she’s been talking about, and these are the things men/women both want to be nowadays (summing these terms up it becomes a DC/Marvel Superhero). In past times people said these exact things indirectly with a feel of shame attached. Now these wishes seem to have gone through the test of time, been made well defined, and people have become much more confident about these cravings too, so when opportunity arrives, people pronounce the wishes in a single breathe. Popular, outgoing, attractive…

        Be that as it may, the whole film is an argument against these common sought-after notions.

        ‘Wonder Woman’ is nevertheless a postmodern icon for women. Attain excellence, become a hero. Diana comes in with some laborious conditions behind her exclusivity though. Firstly, intense physical training added with strict discipline (just look at what baby Diana could do). Secondly, solid nerdy pursuit of knowledge (reading Latin? Seems too much). She lives alone (no way). She does archaeology for hobby (what?). These are picture perfect scenarios but anything near to what a typical individual might want to go through. In this respect Diana is more masculine than her female counterpart in the film, as Diana thinks like men, acts like men, even functions better with men. Contrarily Barbara is seen obsessed with her dress up, anxious about her acceptance to other women, and she functions better with girls.

        Strength is cool, but exercises are stupid. Knowledge is sassy, but reading is nerdy. Finally righteous fights are just creating trouble for the peers. Barbaras everywhere will definitely call out, for Wonder Woman is making them look bad, and Diana is acting like men!

        Though the star has the term “Woman” in her name, it’s difficult to limit her personality in such a manner, as Diana poses an icon more inclusive than many of her equivalents that people as well as fans may look up to. “Wonder Woman 84” initiates a fresh start of the year reminding us to embrace our individual shortcomings all the time being careful for what we wish.