The Little Prince: A Magical Journey

      Have you ever used the ‘B612’ app? (Its a mobile app that puts funny make-ups to your face by giving you kitty whiskers, donkey ears, or a dogface). Ever wondered, what’s the matter with this strange name ‘B612’? Okay, its a planet! A fictional planet on which there lives a little Prince. That little Prince, who fell in love with an ordinary Flower, and roamed around different planets in a sort of desperation to find if there was any real meaning behind his unusual passion.

       Of course the little Prince’s journey ends up with Earth, where he is taught some magical lessons by some more unusual companions, and where the Prince finally have found some solace.

      Have you ever felt, there were always something in life you couldn’t see with your visual eyes? Did you ever investigate just how a particular attachment in your life was initiated in the first place? Or did it in any chance occur to you what’s the true purpose of an Open Mind? ‘The Little Prince’ is a tiny book you will finish up reading in a single sitting, but its certain that it will be a magical read.