Escape with Mandalorian

        A shiny spaceship with a cool outfit. Drifting from planet to planets encountering monsters and aliens (most of all humans). A hooded zealot trapped into a father complex makes it obvious, how a bizarre baby alien can personify a human child just by displaying the right impressions. Both a badass and an affectionate guardian, Din Djarin explores the space with his righteous Way instigating a nostalgia of unknown origin, for it’s us the viewers who love to fancy ourselves under the Mandalorian’s hood. Have we missed out life enough?

        Our beloved Mando is a man, whom everybody wants to kill. And why shouldn’t they? The more one acts tough, the more his opponents become justified. Mr. Djarin shows up in his flamboyant armor flaunting a hoard of lethal weapons, and every seemingly dormant rascal on the street thinks, “What? I am more badass than you are tin man!”

        Mando is definitely a good guy, as his encounters can fortunately be shaded under black and white than anything in between. It’s all good works rescuing people from the tyrant’s grip, killing a harmful Sand Dragon, and robbing an Imperial freight. On the contrary the Imperial officers have a deliberate wicked attitude, so that the viewers won’t fail to recognize them as the bad guys. Looks like in this fictional future universe it will be much easier than now to distinguish the good from the evil, a touch of which we could have used a little in our present days’ confused ethical run-ins.

        The Star Wars franchise has taken an uncommon move in its personifying literally objects. We all recognized C-3PO and R2D2 as individual persons rather than appliances. R2D2 and BB-8 don’t even have a voice but metallic beeps, but they have more personality than many of their organic counterparts, as they play their key roles in important business around important people. So when an alien infant Grogu appears with endearing eyes, lovely ears, and baby cooing, it instantly becomes more than what a human child can ever be. Grogu is so good in his impressions of a human child, he not only hijacks Mr. Djarin’s affection, but also of the viewers everywhere. So what it really becomes- we are now identifying the qualities and not the real thing. Whatever bears the traits is the thing, and sometimes more than that.

        Less people and more Space. More sky, more planets, more water, more sand, and more forest. And with them more mystery, finally more excitement. So it’s really the buildings and people have no mystery in them, which have occupied much of our space in recent times. We all know exactly what’s in a building, and after seeing some, we see all of them. Interestingly, we all know what’s there in modern day people, and after running into some, we know all of them. Films like The Mandalorian therefore come offering an escape. An escape into the original sources of real excitement with the dream of real freedom, as a real individual Din Djarin comes in with his righteous flights.

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