Airport Dwellers

      Metal Giants jumping into the sky disappearing in a minute. An endless Supermarket full to the brim with exotic thingies acts like a sack of sugar before the Ant that is you, while a true multicultural mass meets the eye like Cinema. A constant smell of consumerist Mystery maddens you, where the Airport dwellers have it all in their 24 hour limited transit, but hasn’t it always been that heaven supposed to be a short stay?

      Duty Free is a scam, and the Checkers will annoy the creep out of you. What’s worse tough to say. Is it the unusual paper works that steal the show, which end up with your luggage worries, or the bad behavior of the employees, for you are a onetime case? However terrible it seems, with time you are bound to see the bright side. Just look at the people.

      Who are they? A Colombian reggae band. After them? Some Dutch couple. What’s your name you ask, but the baby boy doesn’t speak English. (Now you don’t just speak German with them, alright?). It is winter or summer here in this land? Where does she come from? Where do they get these crazy stuff in stores? Never seen before. Never seen before. Air crew running in flocks changing planes, teenage backpackers romping around, sleepers waking up having missed their flights, and you might find yourself looking out for a ‘special seat with a view’.

      Take a big Chair by the glass panels and watch the Planes as they go off. The Sun dims through glass along with the classical music mixed with Station’s humming immediately takes you off to dreamland. Why fly? It’s already vacation here.

(I want that Sombrero over there,

And a Heineken too. The World

Seems packed here in this place. Seen it all.

Stay longer? Yes, Going nowhere.

I have a bad habit of growing roots Here and there).

      Before it properly starts ending comes. A distant pleasant memory appears live right now making it tough to say again which is which. Farewells should be quick and bidden beforehand, so it won’t bother much, when the time comes to leave in an instant to disappear in a minute.