The Last Dragon, and Our Fleeting Trust

      It’s all about the fleeting Trust among people acting as the seed of contention, which finally begets more distrust. A vicious cycle. The Last Dragon Sisu comes with an antidote though. Gifts. A nucleus of certainty assuring co-operation against all chaotic aftermath. We have a chance to harmony after all, aint it?

      Trust comes with price of course, and gifts don’t save. Raya was backstabbed, Chief Benja got stoned, and Sisu apparently died. Even then trust must be pursued, and only by establishing trust the happy ending comes. That is how metaphysical the film is, if you look closely enough.

      I would call The Last Dragon business a modern day fairytale. I mean, it has all those ‘bells and whistles’ of a traditional fantasy story- dragons, magic, swords, and warriors added with the modern day perspectives- the growing discord among humans based on their petty differences.

      Raya and company comes with the most uncool of characters you might find in the screens. A Monkey-Baby gang, a Barbarian Oaf, and Captain Boun make it obvious how the function of the group makes it look cool and not the vice versa. Monkey-Baby gang finally wins sympathy, the Oaf turns out to be a kind-hearted gentleman, and Captain Boun proves himself to be the resourceful man till the end. It is Namaari, who looks and acts cool. Somehow the villains are always cool. There’s definitely some close link between villainy and coolness.

      Sisu’s entrance, run of the Monkey-Baby gang, or the combined effect of the crystal parts, which was more fun tough to say. Fighting scenes were meticulous enough to be too good for an animated film. Raya’s sword, the Prince of Persia like chain weapon reminds of The Two Thrones. Of course Raya does not cut anybody in the film, but the weapon looks too deadly to appear in a Disney fairytale.

      And how Sisu the dragon captivates half the film alone? Who could have thought a Dragon with personality can be this impressive?! For the time being you might brace yourself to find similar mechanisms in the upcoming titles for sure.

      The Druun is the misery that loves company, attacking the already dejected taking their souls with it leaving behind a lifelike fossil. Like misery, happiness is thus the foolhardy bastard that loves to carry coal to Newcastle. The dejected will become more dejected. The happy one will get more happiness. That is how messed up human world is. Unjust allotment of felicity should be responded in kind. You want to cheat happiness? Look happy.

      In the ongoing period of growing distress, the time has come to learn virtue from animals. Dragons live in harmony incapable to grasp trifling piques that drive humans crazy against each other. Intelligence corrupts taking men towards a broken world, so trust issues shoot up. Or it might be the other way around, as Sisu points out-“maybe the world’s broken because you don’t trust anyone”. A vicious cycle.

      The film was so pleasant watch, two hours flew to keep up with the changing situations every five minutes into unpredictable scenarios. Mystery added with a unique story is enough to make the day. It is not every day rewatchable films appear. New viewers will find the film in Disney Plus.