Battle Royale: It’s Time for Real

        You jump out of window. An enemy caught you off guard, while you were checking your loots hiding in a house. You quickly take corners running through buildings and woods barely escaping the chasing enemy shooting. You take a final turn and tap the invisibility perk. Ciao. The pursuit immediately stops, as the confused enemy makes a dash for his life, and you take your time to kill the running away enemy shooting at his back. A minor skirmish in a Battle Royale video game. Now we have on-screen simulation to see firsthand, what people would do to each other given unlimited ammo and a license to kill.

        So 100 people are let kill each other on an island. Needless to say the last man wins, and there aint any fixed rule. It’s you and your 99 enemies and a seemingly endless supply of weapons. You kill or you get killed. Sounds like Death Race (2008), Gamer (2009), and The Hunger Games (2012). Besides we already had last man standing modes in online video games back then, but those multiplayers were much technically intricate to access for the non-tech players, as we did not have the appropriate device, which is no more the case.

        In greeneries or on snow, or sometimes on sand and stony grounds you move around in search for shelter and supplies, or if you’re on the expert side, you lookout for enemies. If you’re into stealth, you can enter into some road-side building and point your gun towards the door’s way sitting down. Whoever enters the house in rather innocence will drop dead on doorstep. Or you can take a 4wd with a mounted gun tripping from airdrop to airdrop, and you occasionally run over enemies killing them from the safety of your vehicle. Sometimes you will have to get down into water to swim towards the opposite bank to escape the closing circle death. Everything you can do is only limited by your imagination, and this is Battle Royale. These games are getting more and more intuitive and elaborate taking the player’s experience beyond reality. Already we have got 150 player maps. It’s exciting to imagine, what the next state of the art Battle Royale sport is going to look like.

        There is seemingly every cool instrument of death provided for your moving forward. The 4wd’s, Motorcycles, Speed Boats, and even Helicopters. It’s only your creativity and the successful administering of your wit that determines the theme of your gameplay. Mix it up with the different perks available, and you get seemingly endless colors shaded upon your experience. There are of course the occasional air drops. Fast responders will grab premium supplies from the Drop crates for a better chance at survival.

        The newer players always make the mistake of taking the Battle Royale as a shooting game. You can identify noobs, when you see them running around shooting everyone in front of their eyes only to get killed by more experienced players within no time. In fact, the game is basically about survival. You kill enemies to survive. You don’t kill enemies for the sake of killing them. (But killing strangers is fun though). You can win a Battle Royale match by killing only one or two enemies, and that is perfectly okay. Winning is the goal here. Not the way you adopt to get there.

        Surely it’s more interesting to fight against actual human beings than some sordid virtual ones. After all humans are real. Apply as much “AI” to build the virtual enemies, nothing beats the natural actions and responses of enemies controlled by real people behind them. This is why Battle Royale wins.

        If the winning prize were made something more tangible, it would have been some justice for the trouble the first player goes through. Only “Winner” cheer is not good enough after the overwrought final fights. It feels somewhat empty and frustrating after all the exhausting strain it took to win. However, nobody really loses in Battle Royale.

        If you win, you win. If you lose, even then you get some valuable insights about human nature. I would call Battle Royale real life simulations, as the players are actual people at background. In these proxy worlds you see a firsthand display, how people would act in given circumstances. Like, players are always seen to keep on hoarding supplies as much as they can, more than they really need, even at the cost of their death by the closing circles. And more one deals with people, more he risks his failure in the game.

        Now it’s time fiction go real. We are yet to see real life Battle Royale games with actual humans. Arranged on a physical island swarming with deadly weapons. This is no more a castle in the clouds taken it for the increasing popularity of the whole concept.

        What do you think? People won’t throw away their lives for other people’s entertainment? Even at the lure of billions? If the winner prize were one billion bucks, would people participate or not in a 100 player death match on an island?

        At first thought it seems highly improbable, as the odds are so ridiculous. It is 1 versus 99. Who would take such a crazy deal? This is even worse than Russian Roulettes. In Russian Roulette there is death chanced to 16%. Here in the case of a real life Battle Royale it climbs up to 99%. This is by numbers the worst deal.

        But people in vicissitudes grab any mindless deal at any minor chance in the hope of changing their situation. There are people who are willing to go to Mars too. Even at the risk of potential cancer by solar radiation, forever alienation from Earth, possible cannibalism (yes, any supply error will lead to it), and just sudden death by anything gone wrong.  And these are not just a handful of whimsical showing up by craze, but they are in millions looking for a chance to the crazy deal against zero promised prize but confirmed prolonged suffering. So it is. If the prize is good enough, there will undoubtedly be people available to contest in such a pointless death match even at the outrageous odds.

        First they appear in fictions. Then with time fictions can no longer satisfy, and people start demanding the real thing. It’s yet to be seen if the real Battle Royale halts by its screen version and remains there or proceeds to become something crazy! We already have got some firsthand taste, what people would do to each other given unlimited ammo and a license to kill. Even then it’s exciting to think, what the next stage of the Battle Royale sport is going to look like.