Into a New Sunny Day

        It’s really happening! The Virus impact is going down! Hangouts, Cinema, Malls, schools, and restaurants are getting back! Two years of depression is ending, so get vaccine or not, it’s sunshine again.

        Bravo our friends in need who went out daily in risky Corona climate to work in medic and supply. They are the real heroes. Also claps to us for keeping our end of promise staying put in home checking Corona in its cradle. A bit of sense will help keeping the situation this way. (No more “Bat Soup”, alright?).

        Interesting how pandemic days were so full of fake news that nothing seems weird now. Talk about Loosh eating reptiles? (Sigh). Aliens? (Cliché). Chippy vaccines? (Maybe, so what?). There’s no more surprise. Pandemic films have become more relevant than media outlets. Fiction has become more reasonable than mankind.

        People will be people. Political drama went on as it does, countries gone through warfare (which has become fun fireworks for free to outsiders), elections happened like there’s no disease on the loose, and terrorists attacked as they pleased. Seems like every one of all the self-proclaimed Tin man Actors on Earth did their best to make it more and more evident, why we should prefer solitude over people, and why this social distancing is a good thing.

        Six feet apart. Pandemic introduces us to mask and social distance, which I would say are good for health even in normal times. If people could have been put six feet apart from each other all the time, surely there would not have been much conflict. It is the deliberate peeking into others’ lives that might be the root of all evil. But no worry anymore.

        Socialization is dead, and coronavirus killed it. A fear against intimacy has entered deep into our psyche, (as we barely escaped a dog eat dog scenario). Getting involved with people never agitated this much. The infection worries added with prolonged isolation singlehandedly curbed down the enthusiasm from many domains of life. Halls and Stadiums remain near empty, as people now avoid gatherings like plague, (which virtually it is!). Takeout and online shopping have become mainstream, as automation has got some leaps and bounds out of control inciting a simpler kind of life.

        Mere surviving has become luxury now.  In a World infested with pandemic, political unrest, inflation, and a plethora of unemployment, it looks safer to remain fending for only oneself than attempting anything more. Living well trumps everything, and anything that comes in between should it be a false sense of achievement or egoistic demands must be discarded at once. People finally realize that Earth is not to be taken for granted, and they must act responsibly in order to live at least a full life.

        New Year resolutions don’t work. Virus-free new world resolutions won’t work too. Even then we can’t help picking up one or two lessons the disaster is leaving behind along with the irremovable impact it had upon us. That being said, we have been purged from some of our sins committed against Nature to make us self-reflect and behave better. Nonetheless, living like a pest in moist gloomy days are behind, no more crazy conspiracy, as it’s open air again. Sunburn is what we should look for in this fall.