Reality in Surreal Package- Sweet Tooth

        How children like to play animals? My little nephew and niece become a cat and a dog. Then I become a horse, and finally the play ends up by the dog’s and cat’s riding the horseback. What about children actually become dogs, cats, and other animals?

        Animal human children look weird, but the humanity, the innocence, and the childish playfulness don’t just disappear. Instead they only get better. Animals now seem to possess more humanity in them than humans themselves. Animals don’t dig out frozen disaster from Arctic for no reason, don’t burn alive their neighbors out of excuses, and animals don’t create lab hybrids disregarding the consequences. (And drop the liabilities upon unsuspecting janitors).

        Richard ‘Pubba’ Fox is the luckless man, who appeared in wrong places at wrong times. Suddenly a first class employee scientist becomes so lovely with the facility janitor? She did not even kiss the man (what a pity). Looks like Birdie was looking for someone, who had nothing to do with all his time (who draws cartoons in a pub the whole day?), and who can be tasked with the responsibilities of a trouble that Birdie and her white-coat fellows playfully manufactured out of thin air for no good reason. Curious sheep are slaughtered first, and an unsuspecting and well-meaning Mr. Fox gets outcast into forest burdened with an immense task of raising a hybrid against his own well-being, sanity, and a mortal threat upon his life, where the deer kid is not even his own. Meanwhile free of hassle, Birdie continues with her new adventure out of virus reach in who knows where, pretty confident she will find another clean up man at the last moment, besides she has the tools of Last Men at her service, who would hunt anyone but the real culprits finding a cure for the sickness cleaning up the mess left behind by Birdie and company.

        Last Men commander General Abbot talks too much appearing himself everywhere letting his opponents insult him in front of his soldiers, which is unlikely for a seasoned officer. Real life officers are more action and little to none words. Wordplay is a civilian thing used to befriend, intimidate, or win battles through verbal warfare, but military don’t play. Eclectic dialogue exchange is for the civilian spaces, where there’s nothing big at stake, which no more remains the reality, when Last Men come for your children.

        How Aimee left behind only to stage her drama with the soldiers? Apocalypses can be boring one might forget, and a little gameplay would just suffice. Think about the wastage of good fireworks, the rehearsed verbal blows gone undelivered, and some good old soldier disguise that takes forever to wear gone unused. That Pigtail girl will do just fine in a Church she had never been to with lots of freaked out children in the mazed sewers, while Aimee gets ready with the proper attire to join the party. That being ended up, Jepperd joins band. A terrific battle is coming! (Or is it a covert pursuit for socialization?).

        In the post-apocalyptic scenario it is mandatory to be likable only to stay alive. So attend events, socialize, be with them, don’t just become a self-centered recluse. Give gifts, and show lots of fake smiles to seem friendly, so that “others” might not outcast you or burn your house down with you inside it, if the circumstances permit (sounds familiar?). They could have let go the infected out of their territory to die elsewhere anyway. Avoidable violence could have been avoided, but Apocalypses can be boring, alright? And a little drama would suffice.

        As we just escaped a disaster going south, now it’s time we identify with the plights and people in Sweet Tooth. It is too about a deadly bug like we have had less the accompanying hybrids and sorrowful purple flowers. There are all kinds of characters to identify with. The ones who are more trouble than solution, unsuspecting duds, tools, survivors, victims of situations, and just bored ones.